Courses starting in October 2d, 2017, with some exceptions.
The second semester will start in March, 5, 2018

It is highly recommended to check out the schedule of courses on the dedicated webpages.

DEC classes leaflet (.pdf)


DEC classes are of two types:

- Introductory classes that cover the fundamental disciplines of cognitive science.

- More advanced classes in all areas of cognitive science.

Introductory classes have no prerequisite, unlike some of the more advanced classes. Most of these classes are part of our master's programs, but all of them can be taken by ENS students who are not enrolled in one of our Master's program. Please use the links below to see a list of courses in specific areas of cognitive science. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of cognitive science, these areas are not mutually exclusive. Some classes are thus listed as belonging to several areas.

- Introductory classes
- Cognitive psychology
- Linguistics
- Philosophy (classes are shared with the department of philosophy of ENS)
- Cognitive neuroscience
- Formal Modeling
- Social science

Direct access:

- DEC classes leaflet (.pdf)
- Calendar of the Cogmaster courses (all the linguistics and philosophy classes are not included )
- Internship