Application deadline for the academic year starting in September 2022: 

  • Humanities track: December 9, 2021   23:59 (Central European Time)
  • Science track: December 12, 2021   23:59 (Central European Time)


Selection internationale ENS

The Département d'Etudes Cognitives of Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris and Ecole Normale Supérieure ( offer several international fellowships, for a duration of three years. These fellowships are intended for advanced undergraduate students, who will enroll in the master of cognitive science. ENS offers about 20 fellowships in all academic disciplines (including cognitive science and linguistics). DEC students selected through the Selection internationale  have the opportunity to apply to ENS PhD fellowships at the end of their master's fellowship, if they want to continue their training with a 3-year PhD.

For more information about the international selection procedure, see below as well as the ENS website.  

  • Monthly stipend: 1000 euros
  • Subsidized housing on the ENS campus
  • Access to subsidized canteen (about 4 euros/meal)
  • Minimal tuition fees (about 500 euros/year) 
  • Possibility of PhD fellowship

Applications must be submitted through the ENS website.

Interested students who are not sure whether they meet the eligibility requirements for the ENS International Selection should contact Isabelle Mistral ( 

Applicants are selected in two steps: 

  1. A pre-selection is made based on a file containing all the relevant academic information, submitted by the candidate (step 1). 
  2. Pre-selected applicants are invited to take part in exams with the selection committee (step 2). 

There are two separate tracks, one in the Humanities and one in the Sciences. 
Students can be admitted into the DEC through either track. To learn the differences between these two options read here.

Contact Maria Giavazzi (maria.giavazzi at if you are interested in applying.