Applying Cognitive Science to Health Care

Camille Lakhlifi
Benjamin Rohaut
Practical information
23 October 2020

On Zoom

The DEC AltAc (Alternative to Academia) is a monthly seminar where individuals with a cognitive science background show researchers and students in cognitive science at the DEC the many ways their knowledge in cognitive science can be applied to the "real" (aka non-academic) world. 

DEC AltAc program 2020/2021

CLCamille Lakhlifi studied at CogMaster, completing a variety of internships and getting involved in different associations and science popularization activities. After obtaining her degree, she joined a pre-doctoral program and worked 1 year for the French Behavioural Insights Unit. She is now starting a PhD about decision making under uncertainty in the medical context at the Brain Institute (ICM) thanks to fundings from the High Health Authority, supervised by Benjamin Rohaut and Mehdi Khamassi.



BRBenjamin Rohaut  is a neurologist working in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Neurological department of La Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital. He also has a PhD in Neuroscience and is doing research on consciousness and decision making at the Brain institute (ICM). Part of his research program is aimed at understanding how cognitive biases affect physicians' decision-making.