New Ideas in Feelings and Emotions

CANCELLED - The role of subjectivity in emotion

Practical information
05 May 2020

ENS, room Dussane, 45 rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris


The subjective feeling of an emotion is one of the most vivid mental states we experience. Emotions are powerful drivers of behaviors and a key aspect of the human condition. Yet, our understanding of emotions remains obstructed by a multitude of outstanding questions. Of essential concern is the question of the relationship between emotion per se and our subjective feeling of it. For example, are subjective feelings necessary for defining an emotional response? Can emotions be unconscious? Are animals capable of experiencing emotions? Can we infer emotional states from behavioral and/or physiological responses?

This conference brings together experts from affective sciences to showcase decades of neuroscientific, psychological, and philosophical investigation into these questions and discuss their recent findings, which propel the field closer to an understanding of emotion.

Organisers: Rocco Mennella (LNC2) & Tahnée Engelen (IJN)