New Ideas in Neuropsychology

Cognitive tools for diagnosis, prognosis and follow-up of patients with neurodegenerative diseases

Practical information
13 December 2019

ENS, Salle Séminaire du DEC, 29 rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris



Anne-Catherine Bachoud-Lévi (NeuroPsychologie Interventionnelle, DEC/ENS-PSL)
Roberta Biundo (Fondazione Ospedale San Camillo, IRCCS San Camillo, Venice, Italy)
Charlotte Jacquemot (NPI, DEC, ENS)
Carlo Semenza (Department of Neuroscience, University of Padova, Italy)

Neurodegenerative diseases are chronic and debilitating. Up to now, there is no cure, nor any effective preventive treatment for these diseases. Research in therapeutics aims at developing treatments that will delay the onset of the first symptoms and slow down the progression of symptoms. Therefore, a crucial issue for clinicians is to have diagnosis and longitudinal follow-up tools for (1) detecting the first symptoms,  (2) monitoring their evolution and (3) assessing the effectiveness of treatments. In this workshop, we will discuss the results of several new cognitive tools such as CATEX administered in several neurodegenerative diseases (Huntington Disease, Parkinson Disease, ...) and in several languages (French, Italian, English, German). The workshop aim is to identify the best cognitive tools in terms of sensitivity and specificity for patients’ care and clinical trials.