nEuro-economics seminar series

Cracking the neurocomputational mechanisms of flexible (social) behavior in health and disease

Practical information
25 May 2023

ENS, room Marbo, 29 rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris



Flexible (learning) behavior refers to the adaptive change of behavior in response to changing environmental contingencies. Although flexible learning behavior has been
studied extensively in the past, very little is known about its neurocomputational mechanism. In this talk, I will first illustrate how to assess flexible learning behavior through the lens of computational modeling, then I will showcase two studies, one (fMRI study) focusing on flexible learning in a social context, and the other (behavioral study with large sample) focusing on flexible learning in individuals with
autism. These studies are expected to motivate new research avenues in social neuroscience and computational psychiatry.





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