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Cybersecurity" - Hugo Zylberberg and Jean-Baptiste Demaison

Hugo Zylberberg
Jean-Baptiste Demaison
Practical information
21 January 2022


Hugo Zylberberg

Hugo Zylberberg is in charge of the Strategic Analyses pole at the ANSSI's Strategy Sub-Directorate. He focuses on identifying and understanding current and future developments in the cybersecurity sector, and helps the agency respond to these development with its industrial ecosystem and research partners. Previously, he worked for the cyber team at PwC on risk analysis, cybersecurity strategy creation, and incident response missions. He also accompanied the Director of the School of Public and International Affairs at Columbia University in New York in the development of its research and teaching program on cybersecurity.


DemaisonJean-Baptiste Demaison is in charge of the public innovation laboratory at ANSSI and uses a design and experimentation framework to develop cyber public policies. He is also Chairman of the Board of ENISA, the European cybersecurity agency. Previously, Jean-Baptiste was coordinator for the European and international political affairs at ANSSI and the digital advisor to the deputy director of strategy.  Jean-Baptiste has also been teaching for several years at Sciences Po.





The DEC AltAc (Alternative to Academia) is a monthly seminar where individuals with a cognitive science background show researchers and students in cognitive science at the DEC the many ways their knowledge in cognitive science can be applied to the "real" (aka non-academic) world. 

DEC AltAc Program 2021-2022

Sessions are held from 11:30am to 12:30. Most of the talk are in english.

Seminars are only open to DEC members and Cogmaster students. If you would like to listen to the talk, please view the recording and contact the speakers directly if your questions were not addressed.

If you would like to present how cognitive science has shaped your non-academic career path, please contact Camille Williams:

Find the archives of the DEC Alt Ac seminar on the DEC Youtube channel.