Dopamine role in learning and action inference

Practical information
26 November 2020

Online on Zoom


This talk will present a framework for modelling dopamine function in the mammalian brain. In this framework, dopaminergic neurons projecting to different parts of the striatum encode errors in predictions made by the corresponding systems within the basal ganglia. These prediction errors are equal to differences between rewards and expectations in the goal-directed system, and to differences between the chosen and habitual actions in the habit system. The prediction errors enable learning about rewards resulting from actions and habit formation. During action planning, the expectation of reward in the goal-directed system arises from formulating a plan to obtain that reward. Thus dopaminergic neurons in this system provide feedback on whether the current motor plan is sufficient to obtain the available reward, and they facilitate action planning until a suitable plan is found. Presented models account for dopaminergic responses during movements, effects of dopamine depletion on behaviour, and make several experimental predictions.

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