Applied cognitive science webinar series

The impact of rewards on creative behavior

Practical information
18 November 2021



This year’s Applied Cognitive Science webinar is jointly supported by :

  • ENS-Ulm, PSL, Institut Jean Nicod, CNRS 
  • The Africa Business School, UM6P
  • The School of Collective Intelligence, UM6P
  • The TESaCO project at the Académie des Sciences Morales et Politique

The goal of the on-line talk series is to bring together decision makers and entrepreneurs with top level behavioral scientists working with empirically solid techniques that can be applied to improve real  world outcomes. The group is interested in fostering diverse human connections across continents,  areas of activity, and areas of expertise that will lead to new research ventures. 

The talks are intended to appeal to and be of interest to a wide audience. They focus on three broad themes, each illustrating how a deeper understanding of the human mind can produce societal impact : (1) Misinformation, morals and marketing on social media (2) Improved decision making and organizational change (3) New technologies which augment the cognitive performance of individuals and groups.

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