Improving Language Development with Cognitive Science

Lisa Jacquay
Marc Gurgand
Practical information
12 November 2020
11am to 12:15

On Zoom

Lisa JacquayLisa Jacquay is a Temporary Teaching and Research Associate at the Université Paris Nanterre and is the Co-founder of the Lab Premiers Cris at the CRI. With Marion Voillot, she created Premiers Cris, a community of individuals interested in early childhood that are engaged in a collaborative research process that uses digital technology to answer the concrete questions of those who care for toddlers. 


Marc GurgandMarc Gurgand is a chaired professor at the Paris school of economics and senior researcher at the CNRS who is involved in several projects that promote language development from an early age, These projects include the 1001 words project, where they communicated 1001 words by SMS to parents of children in day care, and the « Parler Bambin » project, which encourages and promotes language development from an early age. 

The DEC AltAc (Alternative to Academia) is a monthly seminar where individuals with a cognitive science background show researchers and students in cognitive science at the DEC the many ways their knowledge in cognitive science can be applied to the "real" (aka non-academic) world. 

DEC AltAc program 2020/2021