New Ideas in Hearing & Seeing

Paris Workshop on Memory and Statistics in Hearing and Vision

Practical information
05 December 2019

Centre Culturel Irlandais, 5 rue des Irlandais, 75005 Paris


Organized by Alain de CheveignéPascal MamassianDaniel Pressnitzer.

Dates: 4/5 December 2019, VenueCentre Culturel Irlandais (next to ENS)

Confirmed participants:  
Expected participants (pending confirmation): Simon ThorpeVincent de GardelleRoberta BiancoMaria ChaitMerav AhissarJosh McDermottEdwin RobertsonMounya ElhilaliAlice MilneIsrael NelkenThomas AndrillonNaftali TishbyLaurent DemanyLaurence MaloneyMichael Kubovy

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Our senses ceaselessly harvest new patterns, leading to a glut of past information. High-resolution input may be reduced to summary statistics, but there is evidence that we also remember detailed information from far in the past. How does this work, and for what purpose? This is on a backdrop of older and deeper questions about memory and forgetting, for which statistics serve as a metaphor: the values stand in as ‘memory’, and the process of substituting them for full-resolution data as ‘forgetting’.  Statistics support a probabilistic description of the forgotten values, from which we can infer the past, predict the present, and make choices about the future. Similar questions are encountered by technological applications in the age of ‘deep learning’ and ‘big data’. 

The aim of this workshop is to bring together three populations: (a) vision and auditory scientists interested in questions of representation, statistics and memory over multiple time scales, (b) researchers in memory interested in sensory aspects, (c) researchers in relevant fields of statistics and machine learning at the interface with technology.