Lecture series

Putting thought in the world: Gesture

Barbara Tversky
Practical information
12 December 2019

ENS, Jaurès building, Ribot room, 24 rue Lhmond, 75005 Paris


Barbara Tversky lecture series

In the framework of Roberto Casati (IJN) and Valeria Giardino (IJN) seminar, Maps Diagrams Sketches (Thursdays, 12-2pm, Ribot room) :

Dec 5th - How we think about the spaces we inhabit

Abstract: Each of the spaces essential to our lives is constructed, and thereby distorted, from our perception of them and actions in them: the space of the body, the space around the body in reach of hand or eye, and the space of navigation, too large to be seen

Dec 12th - Putting thought in the world: Gesture

Abstract: Gesture comes before speech, and, like speech, serves many ends including establishing an overall spatial structure and exemplifying actions. Our gestures augment our own thought and change the thoughts of others.

Dec 19th - Putting clear thought in the world: Maps, diagrams, artifacts, stories, and the design of the world

Abstract: Thought on a virtual page consists of elements, points, lines, boxes, icons, and symbols, arrayed in space to create meaning. 

Dec 20th - IJN Colloquium (Friday, 11:30am, Pavillon Jardin, conference room): Putting messy thought in the world: Sketches & perspective

Abstract: Designers begin with messy sketches, scientists with messy data. Scrutinizing the messiness can lead to reconfiguration and new ideas, a virtuous cycle that can be encouraged by perspective-taking.