M1 or M2
Practical information

Institut Jean Nicod

Alda Mari
Length of internship
At least 3 months

The internship targets students interested in modelling empirical linguistic data. Specifically, it will focus on mood shift (indicative-subjunctive) under epistemic verbs like `believe' or `know'. The theoretical goal is of spelling out the types of mental states that enhance the use of the indicative vs. subjunctive under these verbs, across languages. A modelization in terms of possible worlds is expected.  

French will be the default target language (although the language of the internship itself can be English). If the student is native of another language in which the indicative-subjunctive shift is key to establishing a typology of epistemic attitudes, s/he will be encouraged to use data from that language, broadening the empirical landscape under investigation. The internship will last at least three month. Both students with a mathematical/computational background leaning towards human sciences and students with a literary background interested in formal models are welcome. The intern will contribute to an ongoing project with the university of Chicago on modality and subjectivity and will have the chance to interact with researchers from this university.