Scientific popularisation/outreach

Stephane Debove
Lena Coutrot
Informations pratiques
10 juin 2021
11h - 12h15

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Stéphane DeboveAfter completing a PhD in evolutionary biology and psychology at the ENS, Stephane Debov created a website and Youtube channel in 2017: Homo Fabulus, where he discusses what biology and cognitive science can teach us about human behaviour. Amongst other initiatives to popularise cognitive science, he was president of the non-profit Café des sciences organization for four years and created research activities in schools through the “Savanturiers” program at the CRI.


Lena CoutrotAfter finishing the Cogmaster, Lena Coutrot completed a Masters in scientific outreach at Paris Diderot. During her second masters, she was a production and editorial assistant for a web series on Arte.tv and created digital educational resources (video, image, text) for the popularization of cognitive science in primary and secondary schools with La main à la Pâte. In addition she has been recording science podcasts for L’Octopus Journal. She is currently completing a scientific journalist apprenticeship at Tempo Santé magazine (Bayard Presse) and writing as a freelance journalist for Science & Vie magazine.

The DEC AltAc (Alternative to Academia) is a monthly seminar where individuals with a cognitive science background show researchers and students in cognitive science at the DEC the many ways their knowledge in cognitive science can be applied to the "real" (aka non-academic) world. 

The seminars can be taken by students completing the ENS diploma for credit. Credits will be attributed based on attendance. 

Seminars are only open to DEC members and Cogmaster students. If you would like to listen to the talk, please view the video recordings and contact the speakers directly if your questions were not addressed.”

DEC AltAc program 2020/2021