LSP external seminar series

Using technology to improve assessment and treatment of vision in children

Informations pratiques
15 octobre 2018

Salle Ribot, 24 rue Lhomond, 75005 Paris


Measuring vision is important in a range of clinical settings, from monitoring the effectiveness of gene therapies for blinding eye conditions through to early detection of age-related eye diseases like glaucoma.  My lab uses technologies such as infrared eye tracking and virtual reality to measure and correct vision in groups that can be difficult to assess and/or treat. In this talk I will give overviews of several projects – inspired by basic psychophysical research – that deliver more reliable visual assessment, and novel platforms for treatment, of children. This includes: a new set of symbols and tablet-based testing system for measuring acuity, use of involuntary eye movements to estimate contrast sensitivity, and an amblyopia-therapy system using a handheld gaming system.