M1 ou M2

Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique

Développement cognitif et pathologie
Franck Ramus
Durée du stage
Minimum 3 mois

The Edencohort has been following 2000 children since birth until 11-12 years of age. We have been conducting this last wave of data collection, using tests assessing general cognitive abilities, literacy and numeracy skills and their cognitive precursors, and questionnaires assessing psychopathology. Data analysis can bear on any of the following questions:

. Psychological disorders. To what extent are cognitive deficits the cause, and to what extent are they the consequence of psychological disorders in young adolescents? What are the early determinants of psychological disorders? To what extent are they mediated by early cognitive deficits?

. Academic achievement. What early environmental factors have an effect on later academic achievement? To what extent are they mediated by early cognitive abilities? To what extent do literacy and numeracy abilities covary? To what extent is this explained by general intelligence, and to what extent by more specific cognitive factors?

. Sex differences in cognitive abilities. In what academic areas, cognitive abilities and psychological symptoms are there sex differences? What is the developmental trajectory of these differences? To what extent can they be explained by sex differences in the measured environmental factors? To what extent do the effects of environmental factors differ between the sexes (sex-factor interactions)?