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Informations pratiques

Institut Jean Nicod

Martin Fortier
Durée du stage
3 mois minimum
French & English

Epistemologists have put several definitions of knowledge forward. One of the most influential definitions (notably advocated by Alvin Goldman) identifies knowledge with reliably produced true beliefs. According to reliabilism, then, if a process reliably produces true beliefs, the products of this process are justified, and they count as knowledge if they are also true. Consequently, knowledge does not require internal justification. Experimental philosophers aim at studying lay people’s philosophical intuitions. In this project, we are interested in collecting data examining intuitions lay people have as to what counts as knowledge and especially as to whether knowledge requires internal justification. We have already collected data from American participants (through Mechanical Turk). The internship will consist in adapting the tasks used previously and in running the experiment with French craftsmen and farmers. Our working hypothesis is that these specific participants may have somewhat different intuitions about the connection between reliable processes and knowledge. A very good level in French is required as the experiment will be run with French-speaking participants.