Evénements financés par le programme New Ideas in Cognitive Development


  • Workshop "Zero Resource Speech Technologies and Language Acquisition Modeling": 

This workshop gathered an interdisciplinary panel of cognitives scientists and engineers from speech and language technologies on the topic of the unsupervised discovery of linguistic structures by machine and infants. In this workshop a number of fruitful research lines and collaborations were initiated:

  • The sabbatical visit of Mark Johnshon and Katherine Demuth at IEC in 2013 (Professors at Macquarie University, both participants to the Paris Workshop).
  • The launch in 2014 of an Engineering Challenge on zero resource speech technology. The challenge, conceived during the workshop, was put together by Emmanuel Dupoux’s team and members of Johns Hopkins team who were present at the workshop. It has been accepted as a special session at Interspeech 2015, and has attracted around 20 teams worldwide.
  • A collaboration with Antoine Bordes (Facebook IA labs), which resulted in the recruitment at the new Facebook Paris IA Lab of Gabriel Synnaeve, a former post-doc of Emmanuel Dupoux. - Six coauthored papers with attendants of the workshop.


  • The GDR « Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience » - 2-3 juillet 2012