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Ouvrage édité  

Recanati, F. (2020). Langage, discours, pensée. Collège de France

Compte-rendu d’ouvrage  

Pacherie, E. (2004). Looking for the Agent in Action. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 8, 2, 54–55.

Ouvrage édité  

Bourgeois-Gironde, S. (2020). Être la rivière. Paris: PUF

Ouvrage édité  

Stojanovic, I. (2008). I investigate the relationship among the notions of meaning, content, and what is said. It is widely held that indexicals – words like 'this', 'I', or 'today' – contribute their reference, and nothing but their reference, to the semantic content, and ther. Saarbrucken: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller