Spring 2020 Webinar Emerging research in collective intelligence

Not born Yesterday: Why humans are less gullible than we think

Hugo Mercier, IJN/CNRS/ENS-Ulm
Practical information
20 May 2020

It is often thought that humans are gullible, easily manipulated by demagogues, advertisers, and politicians. I will argue that the opposite is true: humans are equipped with a set of psychological mechanisms that allow them to properly evaluate communicated information, and to reject information that is false or harmful. I will rely on experimental psychology data, as well as studies showing the failures of mass persuasion, from Nazi propaganda to American presidential campaigns. I will also offer explanations for the success of some misconceptions—from pizzagate to flat earth—that are not based on credulity. 

For attendance please contact in advance Brent Strickland.