The DEC regularly welcomes visitong professors and researchers.


Holly Bridge (University of Oxford) invited by the LSP

Holly bridge


Patrick Barclay (Professor, University of Guelph) invited by the IJN






Clare Mac Cumhail (Durham University) invited by the IJN


 DEC Colloquium, April 2023 - Ethics in Mind: Lessons from the Wartime Quartet 




Julia Hermida (National University of Hurlingham) invited by the LSCP

Julia Hermida

DEC Colloquium, September 2023  - Cognitive development and childhood poverty: Correlational and interventional evidence in Argentina




Megha Sundara (UCLA) invited by the LSCP


Lecture series at the ENS :
- The emergence of grammatical class in infancy (June 2023)
- What do infants know about permissible sound sequences in their native language? (July 2023)
- How infants discover morphological suffixes and use them to discover phonemes: Experimental and Computational findings (July 2023)




Sam Wilkinson (Senior Lecturer, University of Exeter) invited by the IJN

sam wilkinson








Adrienne Fairhall (University of Washington ) invited by the LNC2

AF Read the interview






Norberto Grzywacz (Loyola University, USA)

NGRead the interview




Elizabeth Spelke (Harvard University) invited by the LSCP (Postponed)

elizabeth spelke



Wilson Geisler (University of Texas at Austin) invited by the LSP

GEISLERLecture series at the ENS:
- Finding and identifying objects in natural scenes
- Visual Search in Noise and Natural Backgrounds
Measuring and Modeling Human Performance







David Barner (University of California) invited by the IJN

Larry Maloney (NYU, USA)

Larry Malonie




Alia Martin (University of Wellington)

Christopher Peacocke (Columbia University of New York) invited by the IJN


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Jonathan Pillow (Princeton)

jonathan pillowConferences and symposium at the ENS: 
- Inferring the dynamics of learning from sensory decision-making behavior
- Unlocking single-trial dynamics in parietal cortex during decision-making




Jonathan Schaffer (Rutgers University) invited by the IJN

JSLecture series: 
- Metaphysics: from Aristotle to Quine, and back again
- Explanation: the tripartite structure of dependence
- Transcendence: what must the world be like, to be explicable?




Morgan Sonderegger (MC-Gill University) invited by the LSCP



Diogo Almeida (New York University Abu Dhabi) invited by the LSCP

Paul Howard Portner (Georgetown University) invited by the IJN

portnerLecture series at the ENS: Mood in semantics and pragmatics
- Verbal mood and sentence mood: concepts and current theories
- Comparison in compositional and discourse semantics
- De se interpretation and challenges to the unified analysis
- Control, reality status, and egophoricity




Amy Kind (Claremont McKenna College) invited by the IJN

akLecture series at the ENS: Learning from Imagination
- The Skill of Imagination
- What Imagination Teaches
- Bridging the Divide: Imagining Across Different Experiential Perspectives
- Unconscious Imagination




Helen Lau (University of Maryland, College Park) invited by the LSCP

Andrew B.Watson (Apple Inc, Cupertino, Californie, USA) invited by the IJN

andrew watsonLecture series at the ENS:
- The windows of visibility: Limits to human vision and their application to visual technology
- Computational models of early vision
- Applications of vision models to display engineering
- Advanced methods of perceptual testing