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International Journal article  

Faivre, N. & Kouider, S. (). Multi-feature objects elicit nonconscious priming despite crowding. Journal of vision. doi:10.1167/11.3.2

International Journal article  

Križ, M. & Chemla, E. (). Two Methods to Find Truth-Value Gaps and Their Application to the Projection Problem of Homogeneity. Natural Language Semantics, 23(3), 205–248

Distinct effects of social motivation on face evaluations in adolescents with and without autism.

Vigilant conservatism in evaluating communicated information.

Correction: On the evolutionary origins of equity.

Partner choice creates fairness in humans.

Evolution of equal division among unequal partners.

Partner choice, fairness, and the extension of morality.

A mutualistic approach to morality: the evolution of fairness by partner choice.

Social opportunities and the evolution of fairness.

The evolution of fairness in a biological market.