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International Journal article  

Marozeau, J. & de Cheveigné, A. (2007). The effect of fundamental frequency on the brightness dimension of timbre. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 121(1), 383-387. doi:10.1121/1.2384910

International Journal article  

Leman, M., Avanzini, F., de Cheveigné, A. & Bigand, E. (2007). The societal contexts for sound and music computing: Research, education, industry, and socio-culture. Journal of New Music Research, 36(3), 149-167. doi:10.1080/09298210701859164

International Journal article  

Le Roux, J., Kameoka, H., Ono, N., de Cheveigné, A. & Sagayama, S. (2007). Single and multiple F-0 contour estimation through parametric spectrogram Modeling of speech in noisy environments. Ieee Transactions on Audio Speech and Language Processing, 15(4), 1135-1145. doi:10.1109/TASL.2007.894510

Social opportunities and the evolution of fairness.

The evolution of fairness in a biological market.

Sensorimotor Learning of Sound Localization from an Auditory Evoked Behavior

Partner choice, fairness, and the extension of morality.

A mutualistic approach to morality: the evolution of fairness by partner choice.

Partner choice creates fairness in humans.

Evolution of equal division among unequal partners.

Correction: On the evolutionary origins of equity.

An explicit power-law-based wall model for lattice Boltzmann method–Reynolds-averaged numerical simulations of the flow around airfoils

Vigilant conservatism in evaluating communicated information.

Distinct effects of social motivation on face evaluations in adolescents with and without autism.

Status of the ESRF-Extremely Brilliant Source Project

Lattice-Boltzmann Large-Eddy Simulation of pollutant dispersion in street canyons including tree planting effects

TLR9 activation via microglial glucocorticoid receptors contributes to degeneration of midbrain dopamine neurons

The language instinct in extreme circumstances: The transition to tactile Italian Sign Language (LISt) by Deafblind signers

Convergent genomic signatures of domestication in sheep and goats

International Journal article  

Kuchibhotla, K., Hindmarsh Sten, T., Papadoyannis, E., Elnozahy, S. , Fogelson, K. , Kumar, R., Boubenec, Y., Holland, P., Ostojic, S. & Froemke, R. (2020). Dissociating task acquisition from expression during learning reveals latent knowledge. Nature communications, 10(1), 2151. doi:10.1038/s41467-019-10089-0

International Journal article  

Rebollo, I. & Tallon-Baudry, C. (2022). The sensory and motor components of the cortical hierarchy are coupled to the rhythm of the stomach during rest. Journal of Neuroscience, 42(11), 2205-2220. doi:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1285-21.2021

CAG repeat expansion in Huntington disease determines age at onset in a fully dominant fashion.

The V471A polymorphism in autophagy-related gene ATG7 modifies age at onset specifically in Italian Huntington disease patients.

Clinical manifestations of intermediate allele carriers in Huntington disease.

International Journal article  

Križ, M. & Chemla, E. (). Two Methods to Find Truth-Value Gaps and Their Application to the Projection Problem of Homogeneity. Natural Language Semantics, 23(3), 205–248

International Journal article  

Faivre, N. & Kouider, S. (). Increased sensory evidence reverses nonconscious priming during crowding. Journal of vision. doi:10.1167/11.13.16

International Journal article  

Faivre, N. & Kouider, S. (). Multi-feature objects elicit nonconscious priming despite crowding. Journal of vision. doi:10.1167/11.3.2

International Journal article  

David, S., Malaval, N. & Shamma, S. (). Decoupling action potential bias from cortical local field potentials. Computational intelligence and neuroscience. doi:10.1155/2010/393019


Bouvier, A. (2009). Joint Commitment, Coercion and Freedom in Science : Conceptual Analysis and Case Studies. , 143–61


Lebreton, M. & Palminteri, S. (2016). When are inter-individual brain-behavior correlations informative? bioRxiv. doi:10.1101/036772