Colloquium du DEC

Attention shapes visual perception

Informations pratiques
16 avril 2019

Jaurès, 24 rue Lhomond, 75005 Paris


Visual attention is essential for visual perception. Spatial attention
allows us to grant priority in processing and selectively process
information at a given location. In this talk, I will present empirical

(1) investigating how endogenous (voluntary) and exogenous (involuntary)
covert attention improve contrast sensitivity at attended locations and
have concurrent costs at unattended locations;

(2) testing predictions of a normalization model of attention; (3)
differentiating effects of endogenous and exogenous attention on
occipital cortex and temporal parietal junction; (4) revealing how

covert attention exerts its selective effects on perception even at the
center of gaze (within the foveola). Together these studies demonstrate
how endogenous and exogenous attention shape perception

by altering the processing of the most basic visual dimensions
throughout the visual field.

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