A Researcher in 2019

Informations pratiques
10 octobre 2019
9h à 16h30

ENS, salle U209, 29 rue d’Ulm, 75005 Paris


In light of the new tools for researchers to conduct and communicate their research, we organized a workshop to discuss essential elements for a researcher in 2019. Morning session speakers (Dr. Franck Ramus, Élodie Chabrol, and Judith Lenglet) will advise researchers on how to communicate their research to their peers and the general public (e.g. blogs, twitter, graphical presentation), while afternoon speakers (Dr. Guillaume Dumas, Georgia Loukatou, Sacha Altay, and Dr. Camila Scaff) will showcase crucial tools (e.g. bio archives, register reports…) and provide recommendations to conduct transparent collaborative research. The program will be sent shortly. Please email your questions to and”

Registration is open to all DEC members and is mandatory for both the morning and afternoon session due to limited space.

Please register for the morning session on scientific communication here and afternoon session on collaborative open science here