nEuro-economics seminar series

Risky Choices, Lost Bets: Reward Processing and Decision Making in Gambling Disorder

Informations pratiques
15 juin 2023

ENS, salle Ribot, 29 rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris


Ruth VLDespite knowing that "the house always wins," gambling remains popular, defying rationality. This enduring paradox exposes the interplay between economic, cognitive, and emotional factors. Some individuals experience a loss of control over gambling, leading to harms like debt, illegal activities, and conflicts. Gambling disorder, recognized as a psychiatric condition, exemplifies the extreme manifestation of this behaviour. Dr Ruth van Holst's talk offers insights from her lab's research on gambling disorder, focusing on reward and decision-making processes in healthy and gambling brains to discern how behaviour can spiral out of control.

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