STAL-2023: Slurring Terms Across Languages | 7-8 June 2023

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07 juin 2023

STAL-2023: Slurring Terms Across Languages | 7-8 June 2023          

Location : Ecole Normale Supérieure, 29 rue d’Ulm, Paris, France (salle Théodule Ribot).
Date : June 7-8, 2023
Fees : All participants are expected to pay registration fees, which we expect to be around 50€-60€.     
Submission link, deadline January 10, 2023

Slurring terms across languages (STAL-23) is an international and interdisciplinary workshop whose primary aim is to gather work on slurs from languages that have been seldom discussed in the recent philosophical and semantic literature, and in particular, from sign languages and non-Indo-European languages. It aims to bring to light new empirical data and uncover novel interesting phenomena that may have the potential to challenge current theories of slurs. We search for theoretical and empirical studies of slurs from such languages, comparisons with English slurs, as well as wider cross-linguistic approaches. We also welcome developments of extant theories in application to the new data or previously neglected phenomena.

Topics : slurs, pejoratives, crosslinguistic data, derogatory speech


Submission Guidelines

We invite submission of abstracts for 30-minute oral presentations (with an additional 20 minutes for questions). Abstracts should be anonymous, the main text should be 2 pages in length, with an optional third page for glossed examples, references, or figures (Note : use a third page for examples only when they are non-English examples and are glossed.) Abstracts are due before January 10, 2023 and should be submitted via Easychair. We expect to notify authors of their acceptance before the end of February.


Program Committee

  • Heather Burnett
  • Bianca Cepollaro
  • Filippo Domaneschi
  • Elsi Kaiser
  • Natalia Karczewska
  • Jeremy Kuhn
  • Chang Liu
  • Elin McCready
  • Eleonora Orlando
  • Camilo Rodriguez Ronderos
  • Andrés Saab
  • Isidora Stojanovic
  • Dan Zeman

Organizing committee

  • Isidora Stojanovic
  • Dan Zeman
  • Venue



All questions about submissions should be emailed both to and to