New Ideas in Cognitive Development

Representing self and others

Practical information
13 October 2017

Jaurès, 29 rue d'Ulm


Representing self and others



Metacognitive feelings enable humans to evaluate their own cognitive performances and capacities. These reflective abilities involve metarepresentational resources linked to mind reading, bodily ownership and sensorimotor processes underlying the sense of agency. This workshop has two major goals, the first of which is to investigate the early developmental links between (i) bodily self-awareness, (ii) metacognitive self-evaluation and (iii) reading other minds. Its second goal is to draw heavily on comparative work on the cognition of human infants and of non-human primates. 

Jeudi 12 October

9:15-9:30 Welcome 
Chair: Jacqueline Fagard
9-30-10:20 A. Bremner, The origins of body representations in perception and action in human infancy 
10:20-11:10 M.L. Filippetti, Within and outside the developing body
11:10-11:40 Pause
Chair: Julie Grèzes
11:40-12:30 N. Gong, Mirror self-secognition in monkeys
12:30-13:20 S. Gelkov, Mirror self-recognition in infants 
13:20-15:00 Lunch
Chair: Ghislaine Dehaene 
15:00-15:50 N. Steinbeis, The development of self-other distinction across cognitive and affective domains 
15:50-16:40 J. Oostenbroek, Do human newborns imitate? Findings from a longitudinal study
16:40-17:10 Pause
17:10-18:00 C. Frith, The Self and its Groups 

Vendredi 13 October

Chair: Joelle Proust
9:15-10:05 A. Rosati, Metacognition and decision-making in primates
10:05-10:55 L. Goupil, Developing a reflective mind  
10:55-11:25 Pause
Chair: Brent Strickland
11:25-12:15 I. Apperly, How are we ever in a position to ascribe mental states to others? 
12:15-13:05 V. Southgate, The puzzle of early theory of mind 
13:05-14:30 Lunch
Chair: Uta Frith 
14:30-15:25 D. Kampis, Representational flexibility of Theory of Mind in infants and preschoolers
15:25-16:15 M. Tomasello, Coordinating self and other perspectivesi in false belief and similar tasks 
16:15-16:45 Pause 
16:45-17:35 P. Carruthers, Questions in development 
17:35-18:35 General discussion

Organisateurs : Pierre jacob (IJN), Sid Kouider (LSCP)

Ce workshop est financé par les programmes New Ideas in Cognitive Development et New Ideas in Social Cognition programs.