SublimAE seminar

Same Brains Different Aesthetics

Practical information
28 November 2022

ENS, Institut Jean Nicod meeting room, 29 rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris


The brain has a network of neural areas dedicated to aesthetic experiences regardless of sensory modalities. Theoretical modeling of this network has revealed complex emergent properties such as phase transitions and symmetric breaking. These properties lead to the emergence of individuality in aesthetic preferences even if different brains have the same surroundings and initial conditions. We have tested these predictions on individuality with behavioral experiments and measurements from art. Our experimental results suggest that individuality and instability of aesthetic preferences are inescapable consequences of how our brains work. We will discuss some implications of these results for both the evolution and the philosophy of aesthetic values.Institut Jean Nicod meeting room

SublimAE (the Sublime and Aesthetic Experiences) seminar, in connection with SublimAE ANR project, will focus on the interdisciplinary study of Aesthetic Experiences with an eye to the sublime by bringing together philosophy, psychology, and social sciences. We will explore, on the one hand, how the experience of the sublime connects to other similar or contrast experiences (the beautiful, terrible beauty, awe, wonder, the uncanny, …), and, on the other hand, the impact these experiences, and more specifically aesthetic ones, have on our representation of the self. The seminar will feature presentations by members of the project, as well as by invited speakers.

Venue : Institut Jean Nicod meeting room

Contact : Margherita ArcangeliJérôme Dokic

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