DEC Colloquium

What's wrong with neuroimaging, and how can we make it right?

Practical information
08 October 2019

ENS, Jaurès, 24 rue Lhomond, 75005 Paris


Functional neuroimaging has given rise to tens of thousands of publications, but we remain far from a comprehensive understanding the neural basis of mental functions. I will argue that this arises from two fundamental flaws in the way that neuroimaging research has been done. First, I will argue that we have been asking the wrong questions, such that our research strategy has no way of uncovering selective relations between brain systems and mental functions.  Second, I will argue that we have been asking these questions in the wrong way, using methods that do not provide reproducible results.  I will outline a set of conceptual and analytic strategies that I hope can help address these problems.


Russ Poldrack