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DEC linguistics


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75005 Paris

The articulatory bases of segmental processes have been the topic of much literature on the phonetics-phonology interface. However, one aspect that has received relatively little attention is how the realisation of word-level prosody (i.e. lexical stress) affects the segmental level (but see Saltzman et al., 2008 and Katsika, 2018), and whether effects of stress on articulation may constitute the bases of stress-conditioned phonological alternations.

During this internship we will develop experiments investigating the articulatory bases of stress-conditioned processes in various languages (e.g. Finnish and Italian). Experiments will be using Electromagnetic Articulography (EMA), at the speech physiology platform of the LPP (Laboratoire de Phonétique et Phonologie, rue des Irlandais).

This internship is part of a larger project investigating not only the articulatory bases, but also the perceptual and aerodynamic bases of stress-conditioned phonology (Project DIA-SYN-PHON, ANR-21-CE28-0008, 2022 - 2025).
Contact : maria.giavazzi@ens.psl.eu