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Sam Norman-Haignere

Laboratoire des Systèmes Perceptifs


29 rue d'Ulm

75005 Paris France



I’m a postdoctoral researcher at Ecole Normale Superiéure. I’m broadly interested in the neural mechanisms that underlie human perception of complex sounds, like speech and music. Humans are remarkably adept at inferring abstract properties (e.g. words, melodies) from the pressure wave that reaches the ear. Auditory cortex is critical to this process, but its basic organization and functional properties remain poorly understood. My research applies computational techniques to study human cortical responses to natural sounds. My prior work has provided evidence that there are distinct neural populations selectively responsive to music, speech, and pitch in human auditory cortex. A central goal of my research is to investigate how music, speech and other environmental sounds are coded in each of these populations. I did my doctoral work with Josh McDermott and Nancy Kanwisher at MIT.