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30 July 2018

Women in Science

"Women in Science" took place at ENS in June 8, 2018. Organizers: Si Berrebi (LSCP), Naomi Havron (LSCP) and Nura Sidarus (IJN).

Where is it harder for women, across career stages ?
How do implicit biases shape our attitudes towards our colleagues ?
How can we reduce inequalities ?
Wha organisations and support are available for women ?

Lucie Charles, post-doctoral researcher in Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London, 
Anne Christophe, CNRS Senior researcher, Unit Director (LSCP)
Aude Nyadanu, PhD student in Chemistry, École Polytechnique & École Normale Supérieure, L'Oréal-UNESCO Prize "Pour les Femmes et la Science"

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