Special event
• Updated
17 January 2024

Exhibition - "Women Pioneers in Philosophy of Mind"

The Institut Jean Nicod honors women specialists in analytic philosophy of mind with the exhibition "Women Pioneers in Philosophy of Mind", opening on January 23 at 2pm at the ENS-PSL in the room Assia Djebar.


The "Women Pioneers in Philosophy" exhibition presents the lives and work of some of the many women who have shaped contemporary debates on the analytical philosophy of mind. They were pioneers in their fields at a time when academia and society did not always recognize their merits.

From Victoria Welby, who wrote her first book at the age of 12, to Mary Midgley, who published her last at the age of 99, discover through these ten portraits the contribution of these personalities to linguistics, ethics, logic and morality.

Beyond philosophy, the exhibition also depicts slices of the lives of these fascinatingly different women: the artistocrat Lady Mary Shepherd, the radical and committed Elisabeth Anscombe and the combative fencer Ruth Barcan-Marcus, who defended herself against a teacher's unwelcome advances with a coat hanger.


Frédérique de Vignemont (text) and Marie Lods (illustration) developed this project at Institut Jean Nicod, under the auspices of the Department des Etudes Cognitives (ENS - PSL University).



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