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de Carvalho, A., Dautriche, I., Lin, I. & Christophe, A. (2017). Phrasal prosody constrains syntactic analysis in toddlers. Cognition, 163, 67-79. doi:10.1016/j.cognition.2017.02.018

History of the Jean Nicod Lectures on Cognitive Philosophy, by Pierre Jacob

Du groupe du Vendredi aux Conférences Jean Nicod de philosophie cognitive 

À la demande de deux de mes collègues, Frédérique de Vignemont et Roberto Casati, trop jeunes pour avoir été les témoins directs des événements que je rapporte ici, j’évoque librement certains de mes souvenirs de l’époque de la création des Conférences Jean Nicod de philosophie cognitive. 

Du Friday group au CREA

Explaining the variability of trust across time, space and social classes: A behavioral ecology approach.

Abstract : Social or interpersonal trust is the belief that people are on average trustworthy, that they cooperate in good faith, without trying to cheat and exploit others. Among other things, it allows unrelated individuals, who may not have aligned interests, to cooperate. It therefore has many benefits at both the individual and societal levels. However, despite its undeniable advantages, social trust is highly variable not only between countries but also between individuals. How can this variability be explained?